ISIMIP2a CARAIB Plant Functional Types

Posted by Matthias Büchner on April 6, 2017

A variable name change has been applied to CARAIBs pft and frc data at DKRZ today:

frc -> pft
pft -> pft-2storeys

The reason behind is to have the CARAIB data more comparable to PFT from other biomes models. Please read the variable description below explaining the difference between frc (now pft) and pft (now pft-2storeys)

  • The variable pft-2storeys is a weighting factor used to calculate total npp, biomass, etc from the individual variables for the PFTs. As CARAIB has two storeys (understorey- herbs and shrubs, overstorey-trees), the PFT fractions are summed in each storey and the sum of the fractions in each storey is equal to 1. The total PFT fraction for the grid-cell is thus equal to 2.
  • The variable pft is the cover fraction for each PFT evaluated from a projected maximum LAI calculated for each PFT and not the annual mean LAI. Thus it represents the pft cover in the time period of maximum LAI.  It should not be used to calculate the total grid-cell values of PFT individual variables.