ISIMIP2b Biomes, Water (global) and Permafrost: ORCHIDEE renamed as ORCHIDEE-DGVM

Posted by Iliusi Vega del Valle on July 4, 2019

There is a new default version of ORCHIDEE, which has different simulation set-ups. It should be noted that the old runs are not wrong. Therefore, the files currently stored under ORCHIDEE will now be renamed as ORCHIDEE-DVGM, and the new files will take over the name ORCHIDEE.

The major difference between the old runs (now called ORCHIDEE-DVGM) and the new runs (now ORCHIDEE), is the fractions of natural plant functional types (PFTs). In the new runs, the modelers forced natural PFTs for historical period instead of relying on modeled dynamic vegetation. Cropland and pasture are the same as that provided by ISIMIP2b. For future period under rcp26soc and rcp60soc, the modelers applied the trends of cropland and pasture provided by ISIMIP2b, and the trends of natural PFTs derived from ORCHIDEE’s
previous dynamic vegetation runs.

The new runs were driven by all 4 GCM forcings, whereas the old runs were driven only by 2 GCM forcings.