ISIMIP2b: ORCHIDEE global water files renamed to nosoc

Posted by Matthias Büchner on Feb. 7, 2019

ORCHIDEE output files for the global water sector were renamed (and some removed) as follows. This is to reflect the fact that these simulations do not include any direct human influences on the water cycle (such as water withdrawals for human uses, or dams and reservoirs). Human land-use is included but is not considered a human influence for the purpose of the global water sector.

- pre-industrial period: 1860soc renamed to nosoc

- historical period: histsoc renamed to nosoc

- future period: rcp26soc and rcp60soc files removed; 2005soc renamed to nosoc

- future_extended period: 2100rcp26soc files removed; 2005soc renamed to nosoc

Update: The 2005co2 runs are only required by biome sector to separate the effect of CO2 on evapotranspiration and carbon related factors and thus have been moved to the Secondary Output section at DKRZ and ESGF.