ISIMIP2b water (global): PCR-GLOBWB "qsub" files removed and renamed

Posted by Iliusi Vega del Valle on July 18, 2019

We encountered in our DKRZ server some files with variable "qsub", not existing in the protocol. These files had the same standard variable name as "qsb", which was wrongly called 'Baseflow' instead of 'Subsurface runoff', as in the protocol.

We removed files for "qsub" variable for which a "qsb" file already existed.

We renamed files from "qsub" variable to "qsb".

We changed the standard_name in "qsb" files, from 'Baseflow' to 'qsb', and long_name from 'Baseflow' to 'Subsurface runoff'.