Addition of planting year, anthesis dates & years, and maturity dates & years as output variables for crop simulations

Posted on Nov. 15, 2016

Five new output variables have been added for the crop simulations (table 17 of the protocol):

  • Actual planting year (plant-year_<crop>): the year of planting
  • Anthesis dates (anth-day_<crop>): day of year of planting
  • Year of anthesis (anth-year_<crop>): year of anthesis
  • Maturity dates (maty-day_<crop>): day of year of maturity
  • Year of maturity (maty-year_<crop>): year of maturity

These are changes compared to the ISIMIP2a reporting, where we asked for the “day from planting date”, allowing for clear identification of the date of planting, anthesis and maturity, that is also easy to follow for potential users from outside the project.