Fast-Track Bias Adjustment

The manuscript “A trend-preserving bias correction -- the ISIMIP approach” by S. Hempel et al. is published in ESD and describes the method used to bias adjust the climate data provided for use in the ISIMIP Fast Track. We kindly ask you to cite this paper whenever you use the ISIMIP Fast-Track input data within your project and it should serve as the main reference when you mention the use of bias-adjustment in ISIMIP.

We used the Watch data set to bias-adjust the GCM data from CMIP5 with kind permission by the WATCH project. See Weedon et al. (2011), J. Hydrometeor., 12, 823–848, doi: 10.1175/2011JHM1369.1 for documentation.

Download the bias-adjustment fact sheet here.

The code for the ISIMIP Fast-Track bias-adjustment method is available for download and use.

Bias Correction Fact Sheet