Workflow for contributions to ISIMIP

Note: We are in the process of migrating our publicly available data from our ESGF portal to the new ISIMIP repository. When we mention the ISIMIP repository in these terms of use, we imply our ESGF portal as well. Please note that the "ISIMIP repository" is different to the "ISIMIP repository at DKRZ".

If you want to contribute to ISIMIP with simulation data of your own creation, please first follow the instructions provided in Join ISIMIP. There, you will find information on how to establish contact with us, how to prepare and submit your files and resources at DKRZ.

All data contributors should be aware of the following data management workflow:

  1. For all data uploaded to the ISIMIP repository at DKRZ, an initial quality check will be conducted, to ensure that the files adhere to the ISIMIP file format.
    You will be informed by email about any identified issues arising from the format tests, which may require you to reprocess your data. You will receive an email detailing the issues and necessary steps solve them.
    You will be contacted once all issues are resolved and the quality check is complete. At this point, your simulation data will immediately be made available to all ISIMIP participants and associated scientists via the internal, password protected, ISIMIP repository at DKRZ.

  2. Data will be stored in the internal ISIMIP repository at DKRZ during an initial embargo period.
    The embargo period will be up to one year from the final publication of the protocol and input data for a given simulation round. The start (and end) of the embargo period may not coincide for all sectors due to different input-data requirements.
    You will be given the option to extend the embargo period of your simulation data by up to one year following the successful quality checks and storage at DKRZ. This should be agreed between the modellers and the ISIMIP coordination team.
    Please see the Notes on replacing data in case your data has to be replaced on the ISIMIP repository at DKRZ.

    Authors of publications in which data from the ISIMIP repository at DKRZ are used and submitted during the embargo period, are obliged to offer co-authorship to at least a representative of the corresponding modelling teams, the ISIMIP sector coordinators and the ISIMIP cross-sectoral science team for the sectors relevant to the publication.
    Please see the Terms of use for ISIMIP data during embargo period.

  3. After the embargo period, modelling groups will be asked whether their simulation data can be made publicly available at the ISIMIP repository.
    Data transferred to the ISIMIP repository is immediately publicly available, according to the restrictions detailed by its assigned license (see Licenses for publicly available ISIMIP data), documented in the appropriate sector and simulation-round specific DOI (see Notes on DOIs).
    Whilst it is central to the goals of ISIMIP that the simulation data be made available for use beyond the immediate ISIMIP modelling community, in the case of exceptional circumstances, data can be kept only on the internal ISIMIP (DKRZ) server. In this case, the availability of the data will be noted on the ISIMIP website, allowing interested parties to request access.
    If your modelling group does not agree to publication on the ISIMIP repository, you should notify this to Please note that in such case, long-term storage of the data on the DKRZ server cannot be guaranteed.
    Please see the Notes on replacing data in case your data has to be replaced after being published on ISIMIP repository.

    Authors of papers in which data from the ISIMIP repository are used, are no longer subject to hard co-authorship restrictions or approval of the modelling groups.
    Please see the Terms of use for publicly available ISIMIP data (after embargo period).