Impact model: VIC-HHU

VIC is one of the 15 regional hydrology models following the ISIMIP2a protocol which form the base of simulations for the ISIMIP2a regional water sector outputs; for a full technical description of the ISIMIP2a Simulation Data from Water (regional) Sector, see this DOI link:

Water (regional)
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Information for the model VIC-HHU is provided for the simulation rounds shown in the tabs below. Click on the appropriate tab to get the information for the simulation round you are interested in.

Output Data
Experiments: II, III
Climate Drivers: IPSL-CM5A-LR, HadGEM2-ES, GFDL-ESM2M, MIROC5
Date: 2018-05-30
Input data sets used
Observed Atmospheric Climate Data Sets Used: GSWP3, WATCH (WFD)
Output Data
Experiments: historical (Amazon, Blue Nile, Darling, Lena, Tagus, Yellow)
Climate Drivers: WATCH (WFD)
Date: 2019-01-15