Impact model: GOTM

The General Ocean Turbulence Model (GOTM) was used for simulating the thermal dynamics of 17357 lakes (pixels). GOTM is an open-source ocean model adapted to lakes, which assumes a one-dimensional water column model for studying hydrodynamic and biogeochemical processes in marine and limnic waters. It models the state-of-the-art of the main physical processes in lakes: vertical turbulent fluxes of momentum, heat, and dissolved and particulate matter.

Lakes (global)
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Information for the model GOTM is provided for the simulation rounds shown in the tabs below. Click on the appropriate tab to get the information for the simulation round you are interested in.

Spatial Aggregation: regular grid
Spatial Resolution: 0.5°x0.5°
Temporal Resolution Of Input Data: Climate Variables: daily
Was A Spin-Up Performed?: Yes
Spin-Up Design: 1 year before