Impact model: DayCent

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Information for the model DayCent is provided for the simulation rounds shown in the tabs below. Click on the appropriate tab to get the information for the simulation round you are interested in.

Spatial Aggregation: regular grid
Spatial Resolution: 0.5°x0.5°
Output Data
Experiments: historical, rcp26, rcp45, rcp60, rcp85
Climate Drivers: GCM atmospheric climate data (Fast Track)
Date: 2013-12-13
Key input and Management
Crops: mai, whe(w,s), soy, rice
Land Cover: C
Planting Date Decision: S
Planting Density: D
Crop Cultivars: GDD
Fertilizer Application: N
Irrigation: L
Crop Residue: Yes, Crop-specific
Initial Soil Water: Spin-up
Initial Soil Nitrate And Ammonia: Spin-up
Initial Soil C And Om: Spin-up
Initial Crop Residue: Spin-up
Key model processes
Leaf Area Development: D
Light Interception: S
Light Utilization: P-R
Yield Formation: HI, B
Crop Phenology: T & DL
Root Distribution Over Depth: W
Stresses Involved: W, N, H, BD
Type Of Water Stress: S
Type Of Heat Stress: V
Water Dynamics: R
Evapo-Transpiration: P
Soil Cn Modeling: C/N P(7), B(2)
Co2 Effects: TE/NE