Impact model: EwE (Adriatic Sea)

North Central Adriatic Sea EwE Model, Central Mediterranean Sea. Surface: 50.000km2 EwE (Adriatic Sea) is one of the 9 regional models following the ISIMIP2a protocol which form the base of simulations for the ISIMIP2a regional fisheries & marine ecosystems sector outputs; for a full technical description of the ISIMIP2a Simulation Data from Fisheries & Marine Ecosystems (Fish-MIP; regional) Sector, see this DOI link:

Fisheries (regional)
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Basic information
Model Version: published version, fitted 1975-2003
Reference Paper: Main Reference: Coll, M., Santojanni, A., Palomera, I., Tudela, S., Arneri, E. et al. An ecological model of the Northern and Central Adriatic Sea: Analysis of ecosystem structure and fishing impactsJournal of Marine Systems,67,119-154,2007
Reference Paper: Other References:
  • Coll, M., Santojanni, A., Palomera, I., Arneri, E. et al. Food-web changes in the Adriatic Sea over the last three decadesMarine Ecology Progress Series,381,17-37,2009
Person Responsible For Model Simulations In This Simulation Round: Marta Coll
Output Data
Experiments: reana, scen
Climate Drivers: GFDL-ESM2M (ocean), GFDL-reanalysis (ocean), IPSL-CM5A-LR (ocean)
Date: 2017-01-23
Temporal Resolution Of Input Data: Climate Variables: monthly
Input data sets used
Simulated Ocean Climate Data Sets Used: GFDL-ESM2M (ocean), GFDL-reanalysis (ocean), IPSL-CM5A-LR (ocean)
Additional Input Data Sets: FishMip regional protocol
Was A Spin-Up Performed?: No
Extreme Events & Disturbances
Additional Comments: FishMip regional models protocol