Impact model: APECOSM

APECOSM is one of the 6 global models following the ISIMIP2a protocol which form the base of simulations for the ISIMIP2a global fisheries & marine ecosystems sector outputs; for a full technical description of the ISIMIP2a Simulation Data from Fisheries & Marine Ecosystems (Fish-MIP; global) Sector, see this DOI link:

Fisheries (global)
Contact Person

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Basic information
Model Version: APECOSM v2.3
Person Responsible For Model Simulations In This Simulation Round: Philippe Verley
Output Data
Experiments: scen
Climate Drivers: IPSL-CM5A-LR (ocean)
Date: 2017-01-20
Information specific to marine ecosystems & fisheries
Defining Features: Global
Spatial Resolution: 1°x1°
Temporal Scale: 1950 onwards
Temporal Resolution: monthly
Taxonomic Scope: Explicit size-based communities including 3 communities (epipelagic, migratory, mesopelagic); 95 species length classes and 100 size classes
Vertical Resolution: 3D explicit vertical movement considered