Impact model: JULES-B1 (formerly JULES_UoE)

JULES-B1 (formerly JULES_UoE) is one of the 13 global hydrology models following the ISIMIP2a protocol which form the base of simulations for the ISIMIP2a global water sector outputs; for a full technical description of the ISIMIP2a Simulation Data from Water (global) Sector, see this DOI link:

Water (global)
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Information for the model JULES-B1 (formerly JULES_UoE) is provided for the simulation rounds shown in the tabs below. Click on the appropriate tab to get the information for the simulation round you are interested in.

Output Data
Experiments: historical
Climate Drivers: GSWP3, PGMFD v.2 (Princeton), WATCH (WFD)
Date: 2016-04-22