ISIMIP-PROCLIAS Webinar Series on Water quality


Clean water is essential for society and nature, but is less available in many places worldwide. Our changing world contributes to this including climate change, urbanization, agriculture, economy and crises (e.g., COVID-19). This impacts food production, and health. Optimistic futures with effective solutions are needed to secure clean water for the next generations. The four webinars will increase our understanding on the four main aspects of water quality: status, drivers, impacts and futures. During the online webinars, we will cover multiple water quality variables (e.g., nutrients, pathogens, plastics and antibiotics), sectors (food, health), water systems (lakes, rivers), scales (regional, global) and years (past, future). Experts will present inspiring examples and reflect on water quality aspects in a changing world. These webinars are supported by the ISIMIP and Proclias Cost Action initiatives.

Organizers: Maryna Strokal and Inga Menke

Co-Conveners: Simon Gosling







Water Quality Status – perspectives on lakes and surface waters (H.W. Beusen & A.B.G. Janssen)

Water Quality Drivers - perspectives on climate change and pollution sources (M.v. Vliet & M. Strokal)

Water Quality Impacts – perspectives on food and health (M. Flörke & N. Hofstra)

Water Quality Futures – perspectives on optimistic futures with effective solutions (C. Kroeze)