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Posted on April 24, 2017

Author list for ISIMIP DOIs

As many of you will know, we are working on publishing the quality-checked ISIMIP simulation data using an appropriate Creative Commons licence and creating a DOI. For the DOI entry, we need a list of authors for the data set.

The author list will be as follows:

  1. sector coordinator,

  2. model contact people and involved researchers (see below) for all participating models in alphabetical order,

  3. sector liaison person from the cross-sectoral science team.

We will make use of the Model Contact Person(s) listed in the Impact Model Database. However, we are aware that in some cases, additional people were heavily involved in generating the simulation data, who are not necessarily listed as a contact person. We have added a simulation-round specific field ‘Person responsible for model simulations in this simulation round’ which we ask you to use. To change this field, simply log in to your Impact Model Database Dashboard and edit your model’s information for the relevant simulation round. Should you not have an account, please get in touch.

HadGEM2-ES atmospheric climate data now available

The atmospheric climate data from the GCM is now ready for download in the normal ISIMIP format. For the latest information about available ISIMIP2b input data, check this page.

Keeping track of ISIMIP simulation data corrections and replacements

We would like to remind you that replacements or corrections of quality-checked ISIMIP are documented here. As soon as a problem is identified, we will log it on the website. Once the problem has been corrected, we will update the log entry.

In particular we would like to draw your attention to the correction of ISIMIP2a data in the agriculture sector for some models, due to an erroneous shift in the simulation grid.

Future funding of the sector-specific and cross-sectoral ISIMIP coordination

We are very pleased to share with you the approval of a funding application under the title of ISIpedia, which was submitted by a large consortium of Europe-based partners. As well as ensuring the coordination of ISIMIP until the end of 2020, the proposal included the following aspects:

  • Financial support for the sector coordinators;

  • Support for stronger links with stakeholder groups who make use of the simulation data and analyses coming out of ISIMIP, including the co-development with stakeholders of focus topics for future ISIMIP simulation scenarios;

  • Development of an online platform, ISIpedia, to offer guided access to the ISIMIP simulation data for external users, including regionally-specific impact assessments based on the ISIMIP data.

We are quite excited about the challenges that lie ahead and look forward to working with the wider ISIMIP community to build stronger links with users and stakeholders beyond the immediate scientific community.

New DKRZ terms of service

For active ISIMIP participants with a DKRZ account, please don’t forget to accept the changed Terms of Service by logging in at and checking the box - failure to do this will result in your account being deactivated!