ISI-MIP Side Event: Update on programme and preliminary focus regions

Posted on May 14, 2013

As the ISI-MIP side event draws nearer we would like to inform you about the plan regarding the choice of focus regions and the potential new sectors for the next ISI-MIP phase.

Selection of regions

Since this next phase will include both global and regional impacts models, it will be essential to choose a set of regions that can be covered by all (or most) regional models and thus allow comparison of impacts across sectors and scales.

In the attachment you will find a map with an overview of potential regions to be covered. River basins marked in orange are a first-priority set; those marked in yellow could be added if necessary.

The suggestion results from a survey of the regional forest and water modellers. Thus, this selection represents a compromise between these two sectors and we believe that many of your models are also able to cover at least some of these regions. Where required, these regions could be further broken down into subregions for models that can only run at smaller scales (e.g. most regional forest and water models will only run one tributary of the larger basins like Amazon and Mississippi) or extended to include regions of interest for different sectors. However, we aim to harmonize the choice of (sub-)regions as much as possible.

We would kindly ask you to have a look at the attached map in advance of the side event and consider how your model could fit into this selection of regions. Of course, these regions are only a suggestion. However, in order to reach consensus at the side event it would be great to avoid extending the selection widely where possible (exceptions will include for example the marine ecosystem component, which is not yet covered by the proposed regions). Alterations to the current selection will be based on discussions at the side event

For those of you who cannot participate in the side event, please provide feedback to us by 24 May 2013, so that we can take your thoughts into account during our discussions at the side event.

Potential new sectors and sector-specific meetings on Tuesday evening

We are happy that we can welcome a number of representatives of potential new sectors for the next phase (including energy supply and demand, marine ecosystems, ocean carbon cycle and permafrost). Of course we would like to have their views on the focus regions and other topics as well. To facilitate discussion amongst participants in these new sectors, there will be space on Tuesday evening from 6-7:30pm to discuss the regions and other sector-specific issues. Furthermore, we would like to offer a representative from each of these new sectors the opportunity to give a short (10 min) introduction to the type of modelling and models involved on Thursday afternoon. Therefore, following discussions on Tuesday evening just let us know if you would like to take this opportunity.

For those sectors already represented in the fast-track ISI-MIP phase, space for sector-specific discussions on Tuesday evening will also be offered, where questions left open after the Fast Track that could be addressed in the second phase could be discussed.

On Thursday afternoon, 30 May 2013, day 2 of the side event when we will return to the plenary of the side event we will hopefully be able to make an informed decision on the focus regions. The questions to be addressed by the next ISI-MIP phase in these regions include climate change impacts in general, extreme events, adaptation, and uncertainties. This will also be discussed further during the side event and the IMPACTS World conference.

Furthermore, please find attached an updated program as well as the preliminary sector and participants list.  The final registration deadline for the side event and conference has now been extended to 17 May 2013. So in case you would still like to attend both events, please register as soon as possible.