Please sign up to new mailing lists

Posted by Martin Park on April 27, 2020

Dear ISIMIP community,

today we approach you with an important organizational announcement and the related request to take action:

We will reorganize the storage of ISIMIP followers' and contributors' data, and in this course we set up new facilities for keeping you up to date. Instead of having one email list for the whole community, we will now have two separate lists.

  • The first list called isimip-followers replaces the former one-for-all newsletter and will serve as exactly this: our newsletter containing ISIMIP achievements, announcements of events, protocol releases, etc. in short, anything important for the interested ISIMIP follower.
  • The second list called isimip-modelers will serve as additional channel to communicate more specific information on e.g. protocol updates, data caveats, etc. that are of relevance to active ISIMIP modelers.

Thus, we ask all of you to visit the ISIMIP newsletter subscription page and to register for the list/s of your choice until 4.5.2020. We strongly recommend to all active ISIMIP participants contributing to models registered in ISIMIP to sign up for this list.

Once we quit the old list, we will also delete your personal data related to it. Therefore, if you don't want to follow us anymore anyway, you don't need to take action but we will delete your data automatically. Note: this does not affect the data related to your dashboard account.

Looking forward to seeing you all on our new mailing lists!
Cheers, the ISIMIP organizational team