Distinction of individual components of total water storage as additional output variables

Posted on Nov. 5, 2018

The output variable total water storage (tws), which has already been included in the global-water sector protocol of ISIMIP2b, should be disaggregated into its individual components. Being able to analyse single storage compartments is very helpful for: a) understanding the behaviour of the model and the physics behind it; b) to explore potential improvements in the model structures; and c) to analyse specific compartments with other observation data.

Therefore, a number of additional variables (monthly temporal resolution, 0.5°x0.5° spatial resolution) has been added to the modelling protocol of ISIMIP2b. These are canopy water storage (canopystor), glacier storage (glacierstor), groundwater storage (groundwstor), lake storage (lakestor), wetland storage (wetlandstor), reservoir storage (reservoirstor), and river storage (riverstor).